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Catering, Serving and Bartending

Catering, Serving and Bartending

Catering, Serving and Bartending

Catering, serving and bartending are occupations that will suit service-oriented students working toward a career in tourism, hospitality or travel who want to work in a fast-paced, intensive environment. An education in catering, serving and bartending prepares students for work in an exciting profession that can take them around the world.

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Catering & Cooking Diploma
International Career Institute
Online / distance program
This ICI distance learning course has been designed in partnership with culinary experts to provide participants with a strong foundation...
Higher Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
Hong Kong, China
This programme aims to prepare students with the necessary professional knowledge and skills to pursue their careers in the hotel...
Wine Program
Culinary Institute Kul IN
Sisak, Croatia
The modern culture of dining is inconceivable without wine and other alcoholic beverages that have become an indispensable part of...
Displaying 1-3 of 3 results

More about Catering, Serving and Bartending

Students pursuing a career within catering, serving and bartending should be prepared to work in an intense and sometimes stressful industry that is in return both exciting and rewarding. A career in food service allows people to meet all different types of people and give them a fantastic service experience.

Bartender education

Working as a bartender is a truly interesting profession. The most important professional quality for a bartender is to be able to be service oriented towards all different types of people with all sorts of attitudes. A bartender education provides knowledge about the laws and ethical guidelines concerning the serving of alcoholic beverages. Working as a bartender can be experienced as stressful and intense as it includes to some heavy lifting and long hours. But the bartender profession is above all a very enjoyable and developing occupation.

Serving education

An education within serving is the right choice for students who want to work in a profession that makes use of service knowledge and people skills. Since the need for professional serving staff is large all over the world, an education in serving opens up doors on an international scale, especially for people entering a career in tourism, hospitality, hotel management and related travel industries. Students with a serving education can work with serving as a waiter or waitress in an upscale luxury restaurant, at a cozy local coffee place or within a large international hotel complex, just to name a few examples.

Catering education

With a catering education, students are prepared to pursue a challenging and rewarding career in catering operations management. To become successful within the catering industry, students need to develop knowledge and skills within a variety of areas, such as food and beverages, administration and organization, as well as staff management and communication. Successful graduates who earn a catering degree can start working for an existing catering corporation, but many graduates also choose to start up their own catering business.