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More about Cuisine, Pastry and Bakery

An education in cuisine, pastry and bakery opens up the door to a variety of creative professions in the restaurant, catering, tourism and travel industries. Students should be passionate about creating new taste sensations and prepared to work in hectic environments under time pressure. Successful graduates are able to work all over the world, brightening people's days by giving them a truly unique taste experience.

Cuisine education

A cuisine education is the right choice for students interested in training to become a chef. To operate as a chef one must to be able to work with many different orders simultaneously, and much of the time is spent to stay ahead and plan for this process as quickly as possible. Time pressure, speed and efficiency are three strong qualities that a cuisine chef must have. Interest in food is of course also an important factor.

Within the area of cuisine, graduates can work in various fields ranging from catering to the food industry, from bistros to staff restaurants, cruise ships and resorts. Chefs should be able to recognize various ingredients for allergic people and create imaginative and inviting dishes.

Pastry and bakery education

As an alternative to pursuing a career within fine cuisine, students can choose to specialize within pastry and bakery. A pastry chef works with flour, butter, baking powder and egg-based dishes. Pastries include small cakes, tarts, quiches and other sweet baked goods. With an education in pastry and bakery graduates can work with desserts in a restaurant kitchen, in a traditional bakery or a delicacy department.