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An education within event management will prepare you for working with the planning, organization and marketing of a wide variety of events important to the tourism industry, such as conferences, promotional activities, fundraisers and sport as well as entertainment functions. In some cases, as for music concerts or sport events, the event itself is the product. In other cases, the event is a vital part of a promotional campaign with the aim of creating buzz or introducing a new product to the target group such as tourists and travelers.

Different types of events require different types of skills and knowledge. In the industries of tourism, hospitality and travel, a professional event management education will provide students with knowledge of the principles of financing and sponsorship of events, event design and operational planning as well as advertising and promotion of events related to the tourism industry.

Link of event management to tourism industry

Students can choose between studying event management as a specialization within a Communications, Marketing or Hotel and Tourism degree, or as a programme entirely devoted to the subject. Many event management degrees include an internship of work experience project within your the student's choice of industry, for example, tourism or hotel management. An internship provides the opportunity to develop practical skills within event management while building a professional network in the tourism industry. Students can study event management on diploma, bachelor, master and doctor level depending on the student's aspirations in the tourism industry.