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5 RE: Chef in training 10/22/2016   oriental school You may receive training from colleges or culinary institutes. There are institutions which provide placements. Then gain work experience. Get certified.
3 RE: where shoudl i study catering? 12/15/2015   Priyam Look at various institutes you can find but it is all about your interest, make a selection according to your interests.
2 RE: Concert Organization 12/15/2015   Sharma Well in my opinion select the place according to your job location or where you want to go for a job, so you will be familiar with their musical tastes and artists. 
1 RE: Help me 12/15/2015   Priyam The country in which you want to work will be better place for studying an event management course. It will help you to understand their culture and their likes and dislikes and how you will b...
2 RE: Concert Organization 12/15/2015   Bharak Look, you can get names of institutes by typing searching for "Europe top 10 event management institutes." It's only a matter of your creativity, imagination and patience.