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This discussion forum is for students that want to want to pursue an education and, ultimately a career, within the challenging, creative and fast-paced event management industry. The event management industry is rapidly growing, creating demand for qualified event management professionals in the international market.

Please feel free to post your questions and suggestions for fellow students.

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1 sporting events 5/10/2012   Test What event management education programmes do you suggest if I'd like to work with organizing sports, namely football games?
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2 Working in Event Management 1/20/2012   Sam hello, do I need a master degree to work in event management? Thanks/Sam
1 Help me 12/14/2011   Tracy Hello, I come from the US and I want to study event management in Europe. I am not sure which country has the best courses and I'm wondering if you could guide me in the right direction? I'd b...
0 Searching for Event Management Course 8/30/2011   Francis Walters My bachelors degree is in English, but I'd like to change course now and study Event Management in Australia, preferably Sydney, but I'm open to other cities as well. Any tips? Anyone who's st...