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Are you looking to study tourism abroad? Or have you already completed your tourism studies in a foreign country? 

This study tourism abroad discussion forum is aimed at providing a platform for students interested in the fields of tourism and hospitality, to share their experiences, advice and ask each other questions regarding studying in a foreign country.

Please feel free to post your questions and in turn, provide feedback and advice to other tourism / hospitality students' forum posts.

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0 Student 3/2/2015   Battestin Gino Hi everyone! I am studing tourism on the University of Tourism and Economy in Belgrade, Serbia. This programme lasts 3 years and next spring I will graduate. After that I would like to apply f...
0 hospitality and tourism management 11/20/2012   surinder pal i want to take admission in advanced diploma in hospitality and tourism management
1 Can I study online for free? 5/11/2012   zoran Hello can I be an online student without paying? My wish is to improve my knowledge in tourism with seminars or courses.
0 Hotel Management education 4/2/2012   Beverly Mitchell Where do you most recommend pursuing a degree in Hotel Management? I'm willing to go almost anywhere in the world, although I would prefer a developed country (and think that is best for oppor...
0 Tourism Education in Poland 3/27/2012   Heidi Bosne What tourism education programmes can you recommend in Poland?
0 I want to become a tour guide for African Safaris 3/19/2012   Kellie McInnes Hi, I really want to work as a tourguide on African safaris and I'm wondering what'd be the best course/programme to prepare for this. Are there companies who have like quick courses or how do...
0 Tourism in the UK 3/13/2012   Karwin Haskell What are tourism education programmes like in the UK? Is there a big market for tourism jobs there for graduates?
0 Tourism Studies 3/12/2012   Jesper Gonzalez What is the best place in the world to study tourism?
0 Hotel Management 3/6/2012   Valerie Mitchell What are your recommendations for studying hotel management? I want to start a hotel in California and need the best education possible for this.
1 Hospitality Management in UAE 1/18/2012   Khaled Hello. I want to becom a manager in hospitality and I wanna study in UAE. Can you tell me where to go? Shokran
0 Study Tourism Abroad 1/18/2012   Carl Hi, My name is Carl and I'm a German student and would like to pursue my Tourism degree abroad, preferably in Italy. Can you give me some tips of good universitys?
0 Where to go? 1/18/2012   Johnny Hi. I'm from Denmark and I'd like to study tourism abroad, but not sure where to go, what country would you recommend? And what school? Thanks
1 Hospitality in Canada 1/18/2012   Emma Hello!I'd like to study Hospitality in Canada, I don't really mind where, more concerned about finding a high-quality institution, could you please recommend your best schools i...
0 Hotel Management in USA 1/17/2012   Aubrey Harris What are the best schools in the US to study hotel management?
0 maurya 12/27/2011   shikha looking for a Phd course in Abroad
0 overseas studing 12/14/2011   s.t.kumbaca i would like to study tourism in the united states of america,currently i am studing in south africa in UNISA campus.what qaulifications will i need in order to qaulify?
0 Teddy Maddison 9/5/2011   Teddy Maddison I've been surfing all my life, but don't have any official qualification. I'd like to open a surf camp in Western Australia. Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Do I need offi...
0 study tourism in belgium 7/25/2011   aissa hi, my name is Aissa. i am 20 and i have a high school deplomat , i would like to study Tourism in Belgium please what should i do ?
0 STUDY IN M.A. 6/14/2011   F.JOHARI Dear SirsI gratuated in associate degree of Tourism Services and then I study again and I studied and I gratuated in B.A. of Tourism Management.I want to continue my education in M.A. in this...
0 Study to become a bartender 3/18/2010   Dan Hello, I really want to travel around the world and work as a bartender although I have no previous experience. I've read that there are courses and programmes where you can study to become...