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Are you looking to study tourism in Europe? Or have you already completed your tourism studies in a European country? 

This study tourism in Europe discussion forum is aimed at providing a platform for students interested in the fields of tourism and hospitality, to share their experiences, advice and ask each other questions regarding studying in Europe.

Please feel free to post your questions and in turn, provide feedback and advice to other tourism / hospitality students' forum posts.

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0 Admission process in medical universities 9/20/2014   Odd Earic Ukrainian universities are the best place for Indian students to pursue an overseas degree. This degree is recognized world-wide and also enhance the personal skills of students. Study in Ukra...
0 masters degree in tourism 5/8/2014   wunmi Do you offer master's degrees in international travel and tourism?
3 tourism courses 9/2/2013   richa any online tourism course
0 Creative tourism 1/23/2013   Zanda Hello! This research "Creative Tourism - the promoter of Latvian culture demand" invites you to participate in a survey on your travel patterns, important factors in the choice of tourism prod...
0 Study Hotel Management in Finland 5/10/2012   Casey Countnis Can you recommend any hotel management programmes based in Finland?
0 Tourism in Germany 5/8/2012   Darran Johnson Where do you recommend studying hospitality and tourism in Germany?
0 Swiss Hotel Management 4/27/2012   Kyle Wright So many Swiss hotel schools claim to be the best - which is actually the top? And is this degree really esteemed worldwide? I want do work in hotels in Asia...
0 Tourism Education in the Netherlands 4/26/2012   Howie Anders What tourism education program should I study in the Netherlands?
0 Hotel Management in Melbourne 4/25/2012   Jonathan Rocker Hi, I'm wondering what schools you recommend to study hotel management in Melbourne?
1 Tourism in Rome 3/30/2012   Edwin Talin What education opportunities are there for an English speaker to study tourism in Rome?
0 HTM Motivations, Expectations and Perceptions 3/27/2012   Andreea N.S. Hello, I am Andreea, attending the last semester of the Erasmus Mundus European Master in Tourism Management. I am looking for current international students enrolled in postgraduate programme...
0 Tourism studies in Denmark 3/19/2012   Mark Hull Hi, I'm looking to pursue toruism studies in Denmark, preferably Copenhagen. Is there anyone who has studied in Demark who could got me some recomenations? Cheers!
0 Hotel in Spain 3/7/2012   Derek Jacobson Hi, I want to set up a hotel on the southern coast of Spain - what is the best school to study hotel management in Spain? Thanks, Derek
0 Tourism in France 3/6/2012   Gerry Hirsh I'd like to become a tour leader in France, ideally on the southern coast. What schools offer programmes for this specialty?
0 Tourism in Italy 2/6/2012   Kevin Marshall What schools in Italy offer the best tourism education programmes?
0 Entertaining Education 1/26/2012   Frederick Johannson I am interested in education in the business of on-stage entertainment within Europe. Can you advice me?
0 Study in Greece 1/18/2012   Amelie hello there, I want to study tourism in Greece, any suggestions?
3 I wanna go to Austria! 1/18/2012   Sanja Hi, I'm looking at pursuing a Management Degree within Hospitality and I'd like to know if you know any good schools in Austria. I'd really like to study there and appreciate all the help I ca...
0 cyprus college 1/14/2012   ujjwal hiplz give details.
0 Event Manager in Italy 1/12/2012   Jane Salkon How can I study event management in Italy?
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