TNS's Ranking of Hospitality Management Schools Friend or Foe - Forum

8/3/2011 11:41 AM   .

I am working for an international hotel chain as a HR manager. I’m writing to share some of my opinions on the heat topic in the internet of “Top 10 International Hospitality Management Schools in the World (made by Taylor Nelson Sofres (hereafter TNS)”.

Nowadays, an increasing number of young people would like to launch their career in hospitality management industry, for some well-off families, they prefer to send their children to overseas to receive the hospitality education. I am concerned with their choices for hospitality management schools, because confusions are easy to be caused among thousands of hospitality management schools around the world. Parents and students are long for guidance such as ranking lists based on the fact that universities in British and America always have their own rankings. Unfortunately, this mindset is taken advantage by certain institutions or groups; they fabricate biased ranking lists for their own benefits.