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Are you interested in studying to become a bartender? Or have you already completed your bartending course and are working in a bar abroad?

This bartending forum provides information on courses and advice from other students on the skills and courses that will help you to reach your goal of working as a qualified barman in another country.

Please feel free to share your experiences, post your questions and in turn, provide feedback and advice to other  hospitality and bartending students' forum posts.

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0 Bartending in Spain 4/23/2012   Sally Jenkins What do you recommend to bartend in Spain? I speak a little Spanish, and haven't done bartending before
0 I want my own bar 3/19/2012   Stella Johnson Hi, I want to run my own bar so I would like to learn everything from working as a bartender to managing the accounts etc. Is there anyone out there who knows where to start and can recommend ...
0 Bartending in NYC 3/7/2012   Nancy Albright What educations do you recommend to become a bartender in New York City? I hope to work at one of the city's best hotels or restaurants, so I need a strong foundation... Thank you!
0 Bartending in Copenhagen 1/24/2012   Carl Brosher Do you have any advice on bartending in Copenhagen? I need to be trained, and heard Copenhagen is a good place for it...
0 Bartending in Sydney 1/18/2012   Billy Hi, has anyone studied and worked as a bartender in Sydney? And if so how was it and can you give me any tips on how to go about it? Cheers
0 Bartending School in Croatia 1/9/2012   Kallie Duncan Hi, I'm interested in studying in Croatia to become a bartender. Any ideas of what school might be best?
0 The Barschool in Barcelona 12/20/2011   Melli Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone has done a course at the Barschool in Barcelona, and if so, what you thought of it?
1 How do I become a bartender? 12/14/2011   Ben Hello, I want to become a bartender, my plan is to head over to Australia, and travel while working as a bartender, but first I want to go a course. Where are there good solid bartender course...
0 Bartending in Australia 9/16/2011   Mason Messerschmidt I'm from the UK and looking to study bartending in Australia, preferable the West Coast (heard its more laid back there, no?). Whats the best school there? I'm assuming in Perth, but maybe the...
2 duration of training 9/27/2010   Pablo Hi, How long does it take to become a qualified bartender? I want to be able to make cocktails and work in a high-end bar, not just serving beer. Maybe to get a job in a hotel somewhere nic...