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9/27/2010 4:55 PM   Pablo


How long does it take to become a qualified bartender? I want to be able to make cocktails and work in a high-end bar, not just serving beer. Maybe to get a job in a hotel somewhere nice and warm.

RE: duration of training
5/19/2011 10:08 AM   rikki


I work in a cool bar in Tenerife. I started working in a small pub serving beer and getting bored so i took a course in bartending and learnt more skills and how to mix my own drinks. This gave me the confidence to work in a better bar with more interesting people.

If you do nt want to spend years practicising then i would recommend you take a short bartending course. It helped me.

RE: duration of training
8/30/2011 3:42 PM   charlotta

I have heard good things about the Bar School Barcelona