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More about Language Courses

The reasons for wishing a new language are many for the student who works toward a career in hospitality, events management, travel and hotel management.

Students find that far more is gained from studying a language abroad, than just learning a few new words. Especially because in a tourism career, professionals needs to be able to communicate with customers and colleagues from all over the world.

Language Study options worldwide

Language courses are offered in many different forms all over the world. For example, there are language schools all over the world that specialize in teaching foreign students the local language. This is perhaps the most common choice. Another option is the language courses offered by many universities. These will often last longer than a language school program, and be focused on preparing students for future academic study. Yet other schools specialize in the language of the travel business. These schools often offer intensive courses with a focus on the language necessary for business communication such as negotiations and business manners.

Benefits of Language Study Abroad

One of the main benefits of going abroad to learn a new language or improve skills a student already has, is the chance to become immersed in the culture as well as learning a language. Learning a new culture is invaluable in the tourism industry and creates an understanding of different ways of thinking and learning about traditions and cultural elements - things that often have an unexpected and strong influence on a language.

Meeting a new culture can be just as valuable as learning the new language. And it is the two together that will provide truly proficient, successful communication.

A further advantage of learning a language in its original environment is meeting a variety of new people. Contacts are invaluable in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Also prized by employers is a person who has an understanding for, and acceptance of differences between people and cultures, which is gained by studying a language abroad.