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Sommelier and Wine courses

Sommelier and Wine courses

Sommelier and Wine courses

A career within the wine industry or as a sommelier is the right choice for students who are passionate about the topic of wine and other beverages. A sommelier is an expert wine steward or wine taster who helps restaurant patrons match wine to a meal. A sommelier and wine course education opens up the doors to a growing international industry in the tourism, hospitality and culinary professions.

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Global MBA - Food & Wine
Bologna Business School
Bologna, Italy
The Global MBA in Food and Wine is designed to develop leaders and entrepreneurs who will drive growth and internationalization...
Intensive Wine Course
Le Cordon Bleu Paris
Paris, France
This intensive program is suited to all those who want to further their knowledge in the field of wine. This...
Master in Food, Beverage, & Restaurant Management
University School of Hospitality Management- Sant Pol de Mar
Barcelona, Spain
The Master in Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management is offered in Sant Pol De Mar, Barcelona. The program aims...
MBA Wine & Spirits Business
Burgundy School of Business – BSB
Dijon, France
The MBA Wine & Spirits Business is designed for high-potential graduates who have a passion for Wine & Spirits and...
MSc Wine Management
Burgundy School of Business – BSB
Dijon, France
A broad vision of the industry: from financing a wine business to advising a consumer on its choice A 1-year...
MVS - MSc in Wine & Spirits Management
KEDGE Business School
Bordeaux, France
Growing international competition, the concentration of the market main actors, the emergence of highly competitive producing regions, changes in wine and spirits consumption, new methods...
Online Course in Wine
E-learning University of Athens
Online / distance program
What was the role of wine in ancient Greece? Is wine important for Orthodox Christianity? How is wine evaluated? How...
Wine and Management Program
Le Cordon Bleu Paris
Paris, France
The Wine and Management Program takes place in Paris, the French capital of culture, gastronomy, and the art of fine...
Wine Program
Culinary Institute Kul IN
Sisak, Croatia
The modern culture of dining is inconceivable without wine and other alcoholic beverages that have become an indispensable part of...
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Displaying 1-9 of 9 results

More about Sommelier and Wine courses

A sommelier and wine education opens up a world of opportunities in industries that are expanding on a global scale: tourism, hospitality and culinary arts. Consumers' knowledge and interest in wine is growing which has created a demand for wine experts that can exceed guests' expectations. The globalization of the industry has led to a great variety of wines being available to consumers all over the world. The role of the sommelier and wine expert is to find the perfect choice of wine out of this extensive range. ­

Study to become a sommelier / wine taster

A sommelier or wine taster is an expert of wine, usually working in a fine restaurant, hotel or cruise ship. A sommelier advises customers about how to mix food and wine and be a specialist when it comes to the procurement, storage and serving of wine.  Working closely with the culinary restaurant team, the sommelier finds the best combination of food and beverages. Working as a sommelier is indeed a creative profession.

Wine courses

Experts of wine can also work for a wine house or an import company for wine and other beverages. Students can either choose a wine course as a specialization for a restaurant and hospitality degree or for a business degree if they want to pursue a business career within the wine industry. Some of the wine courses found on are of a more recreational type, suitable for those that want to combine business with pleasure.