Aotearoa Career and Management Institute

Studying at ACMI means you will be an integral part of a community which thrives on educational innovation and excellence, which nurtures and motivates students in their studies. A graduated student will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to enter the dynamic world of Travel and Tourism, with all the various sectors that are incorporated in it.

We embrace tikanga Maori (traditional Aotearoa New Zealand values and culture), especially ako (collaborative and reciprocal learning in a community), whanaungatanga (family-like connection and support) and manaakitanga (welcoming and caring for visitors).

At ACMI you are able to study Diplomas in Travel and Tourism. 

Our programmes are carefully designed to meet market and industry standards. Employers participate in our advisory committee meetings providing us with relevant industry input that is structured into our programmes. We also facilitate internships where required which may lead to future employment opportunities.

ACMI has very skilled and experienced tutors who will guide you every step of the way in your studies, and who create an open-minded classroom atmosphere which facilitates your learning process. We are committed in developing you to your inevitable success, by gradually developing your leadership skills and knowledge, which are a vital asset in today’s fast-moving business world.

ACMI will be an acknowledged leader in career and character development through the delivery of knowledge-centered and career-relevant tertiary education in a supportive environment.


Programs Location
New Zealand Diploma in Tourism and Travel (Level 5) Auckland
New Zealand Diploma in Tourism and Travel (Level 6) Auckland


Long-term students can opt for renting or sharing an apartment or house. Most of the landlords (owners of apartment or houses) usually expect at least six weeks rent in advance out of which part is kept as security (called a bond) in case a tenant is unable to pay their rent or causes damage to the property. This bond money is repaid to the tenant when the rental agreement expires if there is no damage and the rent has been paid on time.

Apartments and houses in Auckland are often not furnished so you must provide your own furniture but they do have cooking facilities. Check if the apartment or house is furnished prior to signing up.


Aotearoa Career and Management Institute

67 Symonds Street
1024 Auckland
New Zealand


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