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Bath Spa University

A leading educational institution in creativity, enterprise and culture, Bath Spa University's innovative teaching methods aim to create a high quality student experience. With a location in a world heritage city along with its connection to a network of international partners, the university strives to produce graduates that are socially engaged citizens.

Whether a student is interested in exploring a subject for personal enjoyment or improving their career prospects with a postgraduate qualification, Bath University is the place to be. Bath Spa University provides a unique and supportive environment that offers high quality courses and research guidance from committed staff. 

Why Bath Spa University?

Bath Spa University offers a distinctive, challenging and fulfilling experience, a creative community, and a team that prides them-self on making a difference in students' lives. Here are 5 additional reasons to choose Bath Spa University for your advanced education:

1.Excellent reputation & innovative teaching

Built on a reputation of tradition and success, Bath Spa University has a history that traces back over 160 years to the original Bath School of Art, with their first trainee teachers training tracing back to 60 years. They are considered modern and progressive and their PGCE programs have been considered 'outstanding' by the quality regulator Ofsted. Not only is their course mix and structure unique, but the quality of their teaching is excellent, which reflects their commitment to their students. In addition, their teachers are engaged in the research and development of innovative and creative teaching techniques, and ensure they make themselves available to students to offer help and guidance.

2. A great range of courses

Bath Spa's wide and expanding range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses provide opportunities for advanced study that are both academically challenging and vocationally relevant.

3. Exciting career prospects

Their professional partnerships connect their students to a wide range of career pathways and employment opportunities relevant to their field of study.

4. Internationally connected

Their international partnerships are spreading across the globe. The university has links with an array of businesses, organisations and institutions that contribute significantly to the knowledge economy at home and abroad. Due to this, their graduates leave them as ambitious global citizens and can be seen at international conferences, tours and events.

5. Happy community

Their community values culture, creativity and enterprise. Its happy and thriving, and reinforced by all the services one might expect and more: their network of student support services, and library and learning facilities; their welcoming and supportive approach; their promotion of accessibility; their teachers who can be called on for help, guidance and support. And their wide range of extra-curricular courses, clubs, activities and work-based opportunities and volunteering, make our community fulfilling, rewarding - and successful.


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Food with Nutrition Bath
Food with Nutrition Bath
Food with Nutrition (Professional Practice Year) Bath
Live Events and Festival Production Bath
Live Events and Festival Production (Professional Practice Year) Bath
Travel and Nature Writing (Taught) Online / distance program

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Bath Spa University

Newton Park, Newton St Loe
BA2 9BN Bath

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