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British Columbia Institute of Technology builds pathways for career success with full-time and part-time studies leading to certificates, diplomas and applied bachelor's degrees. Technological innovation demands higher levels of applied knowledge. BCIT is developing applied master's degrees for several disciplines. Their dedicated resources for applied research support our extensive linkages with business and industry. At British Columbia Institute of Technology students have access to unique facilities such as a 300,000 square-foot state-of-the-art Aerospace Technology Campus, a full-equipped radio and television studio and Western Canada's only Marine Engine Room Simulator.

BCIT students say that their workload is heavier than at a traditional university, but the benefits upon graduation are well worth their efforts. BCIT students share a desire to gain a competitive edge in the job market. Successful students have usually spent some time thinking about their future careers before they apply. They are focused on their goals, and are ready to commit to an intense and demanding program of study that will help them achieve those dreams. Because employers need staff who can work well in teams, most project work is completed in groups. Unless students are completing the Liberal Studies component of their degree completion program, they will not spend a lot of time writing essays. British Columbia Institute of Technology students also learn valuable practical skills, such as being able to give presentations with confidence.


Programs Location
Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Burnaby
Marketing Management (Tourism Management Option) Burnaby

Student lifestyle

The BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) is a non-profit student services and advocacy organization at BCIT with a mandate to enhance student life. The BCITSA offers support and services to full-time and part-time students across BCIT’s five campuses, including:

  • Career services
  • Clubs and events
  • Student advocacy
  • Student health and dental plan
  • Wellness services


Living at BCIT Student Housing is more than just a place to live during the academic year. It is a way of life and a home away from home. The Housing department strives to provide you with a safe and comfortable living space in an environment that is conducive to your academic success and personal growth.

The real benefit is living and learning with your suitemates and friends. Student Housing provides opportunities to share experiences with people from different backgrounds, participate in activities, and become involved in campus life all while developing lifelong friendships. Sharing with other suitemates requires cooperation and communication, but it can be an enriching, fun and memorable experience.

BCIT Student Housing is located on the Burnaby Campus, adjacent to the sports field and campus recreation facilities. If you are looking for resources to support your off-campus housing search, BCIT Housing also offers resources including tips and tricks, listing services and other valuable information.


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British Columbia Institute of Technology - BCIT

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