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The British Institute of Technology, England (BITE) invites you to a new opening in your life where we support you to see what you did not know you had. We bring to life your capabilities and allow you to shine and create a career path that will lead to self fulfilmen. Our delivery is student centred and supported by experts with research and innovative skills. The challenge facing all of us today is to drive competence and performance in an age of automation.

Our technology transforming business education is the key to the next generation’s capacity and know-how developing experts and entrepreneurs with innovative skills. BITE is one of the leading higher education providers in England with over 20,000 UK alumni and 80,000 worldwide students and professionals who have successfully completed their education, skills and professional development with BITE.

The programmes developed at the British Institute of Technology & E-commerce represent the knowledge sought by the technology industry to meet the demand for exceptionally capable, multi-skilled "elite" professionals. The curriculum at BITE offers students broad-based, academic and practical experience that enables students to learn and implement the latest theories in management and the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The British Institute of Technology & E-commerce has, since its foundation in the year 2000, sought to balance the traditional with the innovative. BITE's quest in advancing skills and knowledge has led to the development of unique programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

At the British Institute of Technology & E-commerce the ability of the student is explored through expanding prospects with the skills and knowledge to think critically, communicate effectively and resolve problems of the digital world.

The programmes at BITE are designed to develop sound theoretical and practical skills to confront change and combine transformation with innovation.


British Institute of Technology and E-commerce

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