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Burman University is rooted in the Seventh-day Adventist Christian faith. For more than a century, Burman has empowered students to serve their communities. Operating within this ethos, we hold the core values of excellence, service, spirituality, integrity, and community. Situated within the hereditary indigenous land of the Treaty Six Territory in Lacombe, Alberta, Burman’s diverse campus family is drawn from across Alberta, Canada, and around the globe.

We live in a globalized society which needs people who care for each other and the world we live in, people who are characterized by the desire to overcome challenges together.   In order for our students to succeed, we provide them with the tools and abilities to navigate the future where they can thrive and serve.

As a light on a hill, Burman University is a learning community of choice that embraces an integrated educational approach. We believe that a complete education includes the intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions and that such an education will foster lives of fulfilling service.

Burman students are immersed in a wholistic approach that emphasizes thinking, believing, and acting. We cultivate a campus culture that is deeply intentional in its mission of service, and we celebrate the meaningful connections we share with each individual in our university family of students and alumni.Burman is a place for students to engage with the world of ideas, while developing their own. Our students learn how to think in ordered ways and to understand the myriad connections between knowledge and belief. 

At Burman, each student is known and valued.  We are a learning community that cares about each student’s success.  We believe that, while servant leadership begins with knowledge, knowledge must be integrated into a caring, ethical worldview if students are to embrace a dynamic understanding of how to live and lead.   

Our graduates develop a faith-grounded perspective to approach the world with a profound Christ-like appreciation of the value of every individual. They emerge with a far-reaching sense of responsibility to care for others, themselves, and the planet of which we are stewards.

At Burman we affirm the power of God’s grace to guide an ethical compass that consistently points toward the good.  An education at Burman is more than training for work. It is an education that readies students for life, leadership, and service. 

Students at Burman are provided opportunities to engage in community-based and international learning where they develop a deep understanding of their mission in the world.  


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Outward Pursuits (B.A. 3-year) Alberta


Lakeview Hall, Riverton Hall, and Maple Hall are co-gender dormitories located on the campus of Burman University. Our unique environment promotes study, spiritual nurture and social interaction. Two separate wings house women and men, with common use areas being the centre lobby, chapel, kitchenette, laundry room, and TV room.  Rooms are fully furnished for students with the exception of  linens and toiletries. In a Seventh-day Adventist Christian environment such as ours, residents strive to uphold the principles of the dorm and an appropriate standard for cooperative living.


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Burman University

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