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Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management

Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland
3 years
Full time
Bachelor's degree
Brig, Le Bouveret, Lucerne

Program description

The Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management at Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland is a business-oriented education programme with a strong professional focus for students looking to make their career in the international hospitality and tourism industry.

Cesar Ritz's 3-year Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management teaches its students the cognitive and analytical skills for management and leadership needed to progress to a wide variety of more senior positions. During the first 2 years, which take place at either Cesar Ritz's Lucerne or Le Bouveret campus, students study in an environment which fits them best. In their 3rd year at the Brig campus, students combine management subjects and practical education courses with a focus on consultancy and research. Intakes of students to the Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management take place four times each year: January, April, July, and October.

Graduates of the Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management are well-prepared to enter the field of hospitality at a management level.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for the Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management at Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland are:

  • 18 years of age or over
  • High-school diploma
  • English language proficiency of TOEFL 500 or IELTS 5.0 or OOPT 50+ or equivalent


    Term one:

    • Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Management
    • Computer Applications for Hospitality
    • Communication for Hospitality Professionals 1
    • Introduction to Nutritional & Food Science
    • Industry Experience - First Steps to Success
    • Food Service Theory & Practice 1
    • Language 1 (Fre/Ger/Spa)

    Term 2:

    • Food Service Theory & Practice 2
    • Communication for Hospitality Professionals 2
    • Wine & Beverage Management
    • Mathematics for Hospitality
    • Language 2 (Fre/Ger/Spa)

    YEAR 2

    Term 3:

    • Front Office Management
    • Contemporary Global Tourism Issues
    • Revenue Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Macroeconomics

    Term 4:

    • Statistics for Hospitality Managers
    • Managerial Accounting in Hospitality
    • Hospitality & Tourism Law
    • Microeconomics
    • Facilities Management

    Term 5:

    • Cultural Diversity in Hospitality
    • International Politics
    • Business Ethics
    • Food Service Management & Events
    • Geotourism

    YEAR 3:
    Term 6:

    • Travelling Cultures: Tourism in Global Perspective
    • Hospitality Operations & Supply Management
    • Finance for Hospitality Managers
    • Hospitality Marketing
    • Hospitality Consultancy Project 1

    Term 7:

    • Principles of Management
    • Job Search - Securing the Next Opportunity
    • Hospitality Leadership & Organizational Behaviour
    • Operational Analysis
    • Hospitality Consultancy Project 2
    • Elective

    Term 8:

    • Strategic Hospitality Management
    • Social Psychology of Hospitality
    • Human Resource Management
    • Labour Economics
    • Hospitality Consultancy Project 3
    • Elective

    Why Choose César Ritz Colleges Switzerland?

    The class sizes at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland are small, with an official student/ teacher ratio of 13:1. Each student is assigned a personal advisor to mentor and guide the student. If students require additional academic assistance students can participate in the study hall which is supervised by one of the academic staff or can be given a personal tutor to provide assistance in academic subjects.

    As part of our school curriculum students learn how to write a professional CV, prepare a motivation letter, job search methods and master interview techniques. There are four staff members available to assist students with internships and job placements in Switzerland or abroad. We also have international hotel chains coming to our schools to do campus recruitment thus offering our students great opportunities of employment. César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is dedicated to providing our students with different platforms of career opportunities and as such organizes international career trips around the world.

    Like the hospitality and tourism industry, César Ritz Colleges Switzerland values a multi cultural environment. The schools have approximately 500 students comprised of over 60 nationalities.

    With over 15,000 alumni from over 65 different countries, the free alumni network association provides a worldwide exchange platform between our current and former César Ritz students. The Alumni Connection News is a free publication that is sent twice a year to our alumni, keeping our alumni in touch with each other and what is happening in school.

    Tuition fees

    CHF 14'950.- per term (1-8)

    Accommodation, tuition and meals included


    Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management

    Career opportunities

    Upon graduating from the Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management programme, students have access to an accelerated MBS programme at the Washington State University in Pullman, USA.

    About school

    Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland

    César Ritz Colleges Switzerland provides the best hotel management programmes on three campuses located in Switzerland: La Bouveret, Lucerne, and Brig. Focusing on the professional training and business education for future leaders in the hotel industry, the undergraduate and postgraduate...

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    Contact info

    Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland

    Route Cantonale 51
    CH-1897 Le Bouveret


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