College of the Rockies

We serve a regional population of close to 83,000 people, guided by our Mission, Vision, and Values, and through the leadership of our President and Board of Governors. Each year, we provide instruction in a wide variety of programs to approximately 2100 full-time equivalent (FTE) students, including close to 200 international (FTE) students from more than 30 countries.

Our commitment to providing relevant and quality education is unwavering. Our state of the art campuses and facilities are meeting the East Kootenay’s steadily growing demand for skilled workers and employees.

Cranbrook is home to two campuses: Our main campus houses the majority of our administrative departments and student services, and our Gold Creek campus offers a variety of trades programs.

The programs, courses, and services offered by our five regional campuses are as diverse as the communities and people they serve. A few have their own “signature” programs – something unique and special – and most provide courses in Adult Basic Education.

All of our campuses respond to the needs of their communities by offering continuing education courses and access to online learning.

College of the Rockies Mission Statement

To transform lives and enrich communities through the power of education.

Our Vision

To create and deliver the most personal student experience in Canada.

Our Values

  • Student Success Drives our Success
    From the front door to the classroom we are passionate in our commitment to take a personal interest in discovering what motivates and excites each student.
  • Appreciate People, Land and Culture
    Whether student, co-worker or community member, we look for and nurture each other’s potential. We approach each other with kindness and a caring for our future and the future of our communities. We celebrate each other’s histories and accomplishments, knowing that when others do better, we all do better.
  • Listen and Accelerate Understanding
    We listen first so that we can foster each other’s success. Improving our listening improves our learning, our relationships and our productivity, while minimizing conflict and misunderstanding.
  • Be Curious and Creative
    We learn here! And when we approach learning and life with an open mind, ready for change, and able to view things in new ways, we can better support those around us to grow and learn as well. We will judge less and ask more frequently “What did we learn?” and “How else could we approach this?”


Programs Location
Adventure Tourism Business Operations Cranbrook
Hospitality Management Cranbrook
Tourism and Recreation Management Cranbrook
Tourism Management Cranbrook


College of the Rockies

2700 College Way
V1C 5L7 Cranbrook BC


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