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Study at the largest Business Academy in Denmark

Cphbusiness differs from a traditional university in its unique combination of academic theory and practical application.

We offer practical and business-oriented higher education. 

AP Degree Programmes and Top-up Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

We offer 7 full-time higher education programmes taught in English within:

  • International Sales and Marketing
  • Event, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • International Hospitality Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Sport Management
  • Web Development

An AP degree programme last 2 years.

You will be awarded 120 ECTS points when you graduate from an AP degree. Upon graduation, you will be ready to start your career. You can also choose to apply for one of our highly popular Top-up Bachelor’s degree programmes.

A Top-up Bachelor’s degree programme takes 1½ years and is relevant for students who have already completed an AP degree programme or similar. You will be awarded 90 ECTS points for a Top-up Bachelor’s degree programme. Upon graduation, you will have obtained a Professional Bachelor's degree. From here you can either start your career or apply for a Master's degree at a university. 

Please Note

Business Academies offer short to middle length higher education with an applied focus. We do not offer Master's degrees. If your goal is a Master's degree, you will need to apply to a University to continue your education. Whether you are eligible to apply depends on the programme and the institution you wish to apply to. 

Scholarships & funding

Scholarships are not provided by the institution. 


Please google"SU as a Foreign Citizen"to learn more about your options for obtaining Government support from the Danish Government during your studies.

Students from outside the EU or the Nordic countries are not able to apply for Government funding (unless they hold a permanent residence permit for Denmark or a residence permit in anticipation of permanent stay in Denmark).


Why study at Copenhagen Business Academy

Unique Way of Learning

You will learn how to use academic theory to solve the real-life challenges that businesses and organisations face. 

Open debate and problem-based learning methods will teach you how to express yourself, to pursue experiments and to work with others. You will learn in close dialogue with your lecturers, whom you get to know on a first-name basis.

A 12-week internship is a part of all our programmes.

We have approx. 35 students per class and many learning activities take place in smaller groups.

Great Location = International Opportunities For You

We are located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, which is also the home of many international companies. This means you have good chances of finding a relevant internship and an interesting job upon graduation. You will study with +650 international students from + 50 different nationalities and acquire skills you can benefit from when working in a multi-cultural company.

Copenhagen Business Academy is in the Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad

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Average rating 4.9

Based on 7 reviews.

Zuzana Chudinova

As a student of the Sport Management programme, I am very satisfied with the content of the course and visible progress that I am making. I consider this programme inspiring and motivating because it covers interesting topics and real life situations as well as close collaboration with local companies. As the biggest strength I consider the poss...

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Áron Balogh

I really like in Cphbusiness's Ap Degree that we have always dealt with real-life cases and group work trained my skills in cooperation and communication. The Ap Degree is a great way to kick-start your career and life in Denmark, great basis both if you wish to continue on an academic path or finding a job.


I´m currently studying at CPH Business Norrebro (Service Management) I will try to share my experience from before choosing CPH Business until now. I wanted to have a degree in Tourism in an international program. I got admitted in 3 different programs. One in the Nederland, one in Sweden and in Copenhagen. I called and email the 3 universit...

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