Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) opened in 1934, and offers over 60 associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees in a large variety of fields. Students choose Eastern New Mexico University for its personal touch, accredited academic programs and affordable costs.

The ENMU slogan: "Student Success - that's what it's all about!" best describes the attitude of the university, which offers a variety of services to help students succeed in their academic, personal and professional lives.

Eastern New Mexico University has international students from over 20 different countries and students pursue challenging academic goals and engage in stimulating classroom experiences, and the University emphasizes individual academic advising and career counseling. Students, faculty and staff engage in intellectual dialog and debate in a collegial environment. The University continues to produce alumni who are good citizens and contributors to society and who can compete with graduates of other institutions.


Programs Location
Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management New Mexico

Student lifestyle

Whether or not you live on campus, you are a part of a thriving community. And the time you spend in class will earn you a degree, but what you do between classes will shape your entire college experience. Each program, service, and facility is designed to enrich the ENMU experience.

Arts and Culture at ENMU

Looking for concerts, plays, recitals or other fine arts activities to attend? View ourFine Arts Calendar, available online. ENMU also hosts several world-class, one-of-a-kind venues, including numerous museums and art galleries. There are many opportunities to engage with the Portales and University community with activities on campus and in the surrounding area.

Sports and Fitness

ENMU has varied program of competitive, recreational and fitness experiences designed to meet the needs and interests of regularly enrolled undergraduate and graduate students and faculty and staff members. There are many activities and facilities for students and employees includingintramural sports, theMaxPAC,Natatorium, climbing wall and boxing area.


ENMU residency policy helps assure you get a good start to your college career. If you have have less than 30 hours of college credit after high school graduation and are under 21 years old, you are required to live on campus and purchase a meal plan. Exemptions to the residential/meal plan requirement may be granted if you live with your parents, or if you are married and/or have dependent children. Meal plan waivers may be granted to students with medical needs not met by the meal plan provider.


Each dorm develops and shapes its own community to fit the residents' needs and desires. The staff and residents work together to present various programs for students to enjoy during their time at the residence hall. Other hall organizations, such as Hall Council and the Residence Hall Association, also help to develop a healthy social climate and academically supportive community.


Whether you're a sophomore, junior, senior, graduate, non-traditional student, married couple or single parent, we have a residence option for you.

There are two apartment complexes available exclusively for students:San Juan VillageandWest Campus Apartments. West Campus is University owned and operated. San Juan Village is owned and operated by a third party.


Eastern New Mexico University

1500 S Ave K
88130 Portales, NM

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