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Our mission is simple – to help you get a great job in the creative industries. You may set up on your own, you may join a global brand, but our focus is on giving you the edge. You’ll have the knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and contacts to move in to the creative industries. You’ll also have the Falmouth spirit – the creativity and innovation that sets you apart. The creative industries are the fastest growing sector of the UK economy and one in which this country leads the world. You’ll find a passion for creativity running through Falmouth.

We have more than a 100 years of history behind us, yet no-one stands still – everyone looks forward. This is what makes Falmouth University so special.

Falmouth University is a specialist creative multi-arts institution for rethinking convention and outthinking challenges. At a time when conventional thinking doesn't work any more, it's a potent formula.

At the heart of creativity in the UK and the world, Falmouth University has a very special
atmosphere that propagates originality and stimulates challenging creativity. With us you'll
advance the boundaries of your craftsmanship and creative expression. You'll explore the
convergence between technology and the arts. You'll develop your own creative identity and increase the value of it. You'll constantly push the limits of just how good you can be. But you'll never be on your own. It may not always be comfortable, but it will be courageous, diverse, exciting, experimental, progressive, relevant and transforming.

Today, there has never been a greater need for creativity. With it, goals can be met and
surpassed, opportunities created and lives, as well as commerce enriched. At Falmouth
University, our research and innovation shapes our teaching and the world we live in. Our
national and international partnerships provide opportunity for business and students alike. Through our students we nurture and release creative capital. It benefits them as well as the world. 

For more than 100 years Falmouth University has been challenging creativity. Through it, we are redefining creative education and making a vital contribution to the resurgence of the local and global economies


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Creative Events Management Falmouth
Creative Events Management (Taught) Online / distance program
Creative Events Management (Taught) Online / distance program

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Falmouth University

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