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International Fast Track

Hotelschool The Hague
Program overview
2.5 years
Bachelor's degree
Start dates
July 2020  (English)
July 2021  (English)
July 2022  (English)
The Hague
July 2020  (English)
July 2021  (English)
July 2022  (English)

Program description

International Fast Track

Do you already have a previous qualification in hospitality-related studies, and are you ready to take your career to the next level? Are you ambitious and do you want to achieve a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hospitality Management? You may qualify for our International Fast Track Programme! This programme is an accelerated version of the Hospitality Management Bachelor Programme enabling you to build on your experience and management skills in roughly 2.5 years. 

This accelerated programme starts with a four week Summer Preparation Course, which enables you to follow the regular Bachelor Programme in its second phase. After completing Phase II and Phase III you will graduate with the internationally recognised ‘Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management’ (BA.HM).

Our Quality

Hotelschool The Hague is consistently ranked as one of the top Hotel Schools in the world. The school is specialised, independent and dedicated. The selection procedure guarantees a community of talented, ambitious and motivated students that can help you get the best out of yourself. 

The International Fast Track Programme is taught in English and combines theoretical and practical learning with teamwork and individual challenges. We facilitate you to achieve the best with a combination of our academic and industry experienced international faculty, the most recent research findings from our Hospitality Research Centre, and our international partnerships with leading business and hospitality companies. We place a special emphasis on soft skills, such as behavioural competencies and interpersonal skills, designed to assist you in fulfilling your full potential.

With thousands of alumni working all over the world, you will find Hotelschool The Hague alumni in leading positions at international organisations in a wide range of industries. What is more, as a government subsidised school, Hotel school The Hague offers the best value of all the top international Hotel Schools.

Do you want to know more about student life at our campuses in The Hague and Amsterdam? Read more about the student life at Hotel school The Hague.

Admission requirements

Dutch applicants
Did you finish MBO Horeca Ondernemer/Manager, or do you have another hospitality related diploma? You are more than welcome to apply for the International Fast Track Programme if you have a final grade of 7 or higher for English, Entrepreneurial skills, Leadership skills and Numerical ability.

International applicants
If you are an international applicant, you need to have a secondary school diploma, allowing you to go to university (or German Fachhochschule) in your own country, plus a diploma of a programme in hospitality of at least two years full-time. 

After being selected for the International Fast Track Programme, you start with the Summer Preparation Course. After passing this course you continue with the Bachelor Programme.

If you do not meet the requirements you can always apply for the regular four-year Bachelor Programme.

Application & Selection

Should you wish to be part of Hotelschool The Hague's vibrant student community, then you are more than welcome to apply for our programme starting in July each year. 

You are welcome to apply for the possible start in July 2019. The final application deadline for the start in July 2019 is 1 May 2019.

We strongly advise non-EEA students to start the application process as soon as possible, e.g. attend an Open Day and a Selection Day as early as possible in the Academic Year. This is in order to increase the chance of obtaining the visa in time, as preparations are needed from your side. Please, check the How To Apply document to read more about the visa application procedure. Hotelschool The Hague will assist in any way we can, however, we are not responsible for the outcome of the visa procedure and we depend on an active approach from your side.

In order to apply for Hotelschool the Hague you first need to submit your Studielink application. After registering in Studielink you will receive an automatic response from Hotelschool the Hague within 5 working days including a direct link to our application form. We recommend you to carefully read the instructions on How To Apply.

You are not alone in wanting to study at Hotelschool The Hague. The small-scale of our international hospitality management school is one of the reasons we are able to offer such a unique and successful programme. That is why you will be invited to a Selection Day after you have applied via this site and meet the entry requirements. During this Selection Day, you are given the opportunity to demonstrate your motivation and affinity with the world of hospitality. If you do not have the possibility to come to one of our Selection Days in The Netherlands, it is also possible to visit one of our Selection Days abroad. It is possible that the selection days are fully booked near the final application day. Therefore, keep in mind to enroll as soon as possible.

Tuition fees

As Hotelschool The Hague is a state-funded school, the costs for the Bachelor Programme are significantly lower than other known private hotel schools.

Hotelschool The Hague is part of a programme called ‘Ruim baan voor talent’ (Make way for talent), started by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science. A number of universities of applied sciences institutions, including Hotelschool The Hague, are allowed to charge higher tuition fees on the grounds of demonstrable added value for students. Hotelschool The Hague demonstrates its added value through the following points:

  • Demonstrable international character;
  • Demonstrable strong(er) personal growth;
  • Demonstrable ability to deal with complex problems;
  • Demonstrable favourable position in the labour market.

Current tuition fees
Click on 'Overview Costs EEA students' or 'Overview Costs non-EEA students' on the right, or below to view the current tuition fees for the Academic Year 2018-2019.

About school

Hotelschool The Hague

Enter the doors of Hotelschool The Hague, and you enter one of the world’s most special universities. The Hotelschool The Hague was founded and funded in 1929 by the hospitality industry to create a central place where industry partners could...

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Hotelschool The Hague

Brusselselaan 2
2587 AH The Hague
the Netherlands

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