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The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) is one of the largest and most productive universities of applied sciences in Switzerland, with a strong presence both nationally and internationally. About 8.000 students are enrolled at the ZHAW in a total 25 Bachelor`s degree programmes and 9 consecutive Master`s degree programmes.

Life Sciences and Facility Management

The School of Life Sciences and Facility Management is located in Waedenswil on the southern shore of the Lake of Zurich about 20 minutes by train from Zurich. This unique location, surrounded by attractive countryside, provides a stimulating teaching and learning environment.

IFM – Institute of Facility Management

The Institute for Facility Management (IFM) is a leader in the field of Facility Management. The IFM is the only academic institution in Switzerland to offer a comprehensive range of Facility Management services: teaching at the Bachelor's and Master's level, continuing education (MAS), research and development, and services.

The Institute of Facility Management includes 3 expert groups:

  • Business Administration / Human Resources expert group: teaches business and employee-related issues through research and service projects in a science-based approach; develop solutions with customers and partners
  • Hospitality Management expert group: completes development and research consultations and projects within service and hospitality management, including infrastructure issues within Facility Management
  • Property Management expert group: leading research, development, and transfer of Facility Management issues related to property, with the goal to optimise property as a production factor

The students who are enrolled at the Institute of Facility Management develop skills in planning, implementing, and managing the core activities of an organization. The infrastructure and facilities at ZHAW are the ideal preparation for success within facility management.


IFM Institute of Facility Management (ZHAW - Zurich University of Applied Sciences)

8820 Waedenswil

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