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Welcome to Le Cordon Bleu Australia

Le Cordon Bleu Australia has opened the door to one of the world’s most highly regarded hospitality qualifications.

Known as the leading provider of studies in hospitality management, gastronomy and culinary arts worldwide, Le Cordon Bleu educates over 20,000 students each year, from 70 nationalities, distributed across 47 schools in 27 different countries, sharing over a century of experience.

Within Australia, Le Cordon Bleu has schools in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and trains over 2,000 students each year in a range of world-class culinary arts and hospitality management programs. Education courses include hands-on experience, ensuring students gain practical skills within hospitality.

Le Cordon Bleu schools in Australia use state of the art facilities and highly qualified chefs to ensure that the education received by its students is of the highest quality. Le Cordon Bleu's unique combination of creativity and innovation, combined with tradition through Bachelors and Masters degrees provides students with the opportunity to fill the growing demands of the international hospitality industry.



Shawn Yeo
Le Cordon Bleu is a worldwide name. My course gave me the opportunity to learn what it means to really manage hospitality establishments.
Meera Raj
The simple nourishment of food and drink is not just something ordinary. It is magical – how a bowl of Pho Bo can transport your mind to colonial Vietnam, for example! Being granted the 2014 Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism Industry Professional Scholarship will enable me to enrich my understanding of food and wine experiences as the...
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James Spinkston
I’ve been lucky to travel quite a lot and that has made me want to offer those experiences to others, share that dream.


Le Cordon Bleu Australia

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Le Cordon Bleu Australia
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