Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences (LBUAS) is a modern, open to society, and independent higher education institution founded in 1994 that prepares professionals in social and physical sciences who are focused on Lithuanian and European labor market. LBUAS entails promising career opportunities, international exchange and leisure time typical for students.

Quick facts about LBUAS:

  • Offer 4 study programmes in English.
  • The campus is located in historical building in the middle of the Old Town.
  • The university has been equipped with laboratories of CISCO, construction materials and criminology, together with a simulation courtroom.
  • Publishes scientific-research journal "Management" twice year by the university in international databases CEEOL, EBSCO and Index Copernicus.
  • The university has a practical training firm “Biurometa”, which simulates the activities of real companies, which trade with one another through the “Simulith” center in Lithuania and in the EUROPEN network within the world.


Programs Location
Tourism and Entertainment Business Klaipėda
  • = Course Level Intermediate

Scholarships & funding

Study fee for Belarusian students by 50% for the entire study period. There is an opportunity to study from the first year of studies or transfer Belarusian studies to Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences. LTVK provides full time studies for Belarusian students in English. Bachelor degree professional qualification awarded by Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences is recognised not only in Lithuania but in all Europe Union.

Entrants will be able to apply for studies with 50 percent reduced tuition fee until December 15

Student lifestyle

Lets be real - choosing where to study is a lot about getting the best education, but you won't be spending 24/7 in the library, right? Klaipeda has a lot to offer for your leisure - from going out and joining all the people who crowd various pubs and bars after lectures/work, to spending the most incredible time in the beach. Most of the pubs and clubs in Klaipeda are small to medium sized, each one with unique vibe and soul. And this soul is what you will notice on your first evening out - put on your friendly hat and be ready to mingle, because it is very common to go out with a few friends, and come back with a dozen. There are lots of international students focused events, especially in the beginning of the term, which are the best way to get to know other students and make local friends.

Apart from going out, being compact in size Lithuania is convenient for domestic tourism - we have vast areas secured for national parks, where you can hike special trails, kayak, or bike. If you are into more extreme ventures - maybe something like air ballooning or walking the tree tops, paint-ball in deserted army polygons or wakeboarding will be among things you will experience first in Lithuania.

If you have made the decision to study in Klaipeda and are preparing to pack for your trip here, don’t forget that you are coming to a country where the weather is very different per season. In summer you will see beautiful blossoms of various forms and colours; in autumn yellow, red and brown leaves fall from the trees; in winter you’ll be able to wade through big banks of snow and catch snowflakes, and in spring you will see the sun reflecting in the puddles.

Lithuania’s climate has gotten warmer in recent years; the average annual temperature is 6.5–7.9°C. July is the hottest month of the year (average temperature is about 19.7°C; the highest temperature is over 30°C). The coldest month is January (average temperature –2.9°C, lowest temperature may fall below –30°C).


All students are provided by the dormitory, which is located near the old town of Klaipeda. Rooms are divided by 2 or 3 beds rooms. Students have a personal shower and bathroom, shared kitchen, washing room together with dryers. Students have an amazing view to the city from 12th floor.


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John Smith

This is one of the best universities in Lithuanian. Professors are very welcoming and helpful. I definitely recommend everyone to come and study here.

E. Žąsytytė

I gained useful and excellent legal knowledge in college. Thanks to the College, I had to travel to other countries, visit the European Parliament, get acquainted with many new people, students from other countries. This college has a friendly and respectful relationship between students and teachers.

A. Lena

The lectures Marketing, Image of organisation, International Business and Basic of Communication were quite interesting and all lecturer had a broad knowledge. For Basic of Communication we had an Expert from the UK. There is also enough time to travel through Lithuania and the rest of the Baltic. An advantage of the small port city Klaipeda is ...

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