Welcome to Marbella University

Marbella University is a private academic institution offering high quality education in the fields of business, politics, hospitality, media, and psychology. The learning methods at Marbella University include laboratory work to train skills and to understand theories by analyzing real professional patterns.

Marbella University regularly invites international experts to discuss current issues of today’s world with MU students. Topics can include issues of an economic, political, environmental, technological or social nature. Seminars allow a student to receive up to date information about a specific issue of global relevance. MU students have the chance to visit important and key companies of both national and international companies allowing them to gain an invaluable insight into the world of business. Marbella University has an extensive local connection in Marbella as well as on the whole Costa del Sol, allowing students the opportunity to gain initial work experience at selected companies in a variety of industries providing invaluable real life work experience.

The philosophy of Marbella University

1. Knowledge: Acting based on significant knowledge.
2. Professionalism: Working with relevant skills for efficiency.
3. Global: Analyzing and decision making in global perspectives.
4. Vanguard: Holistic analysis, thinking, decision making, and acting.
5. Ethical: Responsibility in human, environmental, and global matters.
6. Multi-cultural: Integrative understanding of cultural characteristics.
7. Future-oriented: Thinking and acting in perspectives of 50 years.
8. Human: Caring for the genuine human values and human life.
9. Personality qualities: Strong focus on rock-solid integrity and strength.

Marbella University student services

Marbella University offers students the service of a life and career counselor giving the student a focused guidance in their personal life and career choices. Marbella University campus has Wi-Fi high-speed broadband internet access as well as multimedia equipment and laser printers available, encouraging students to actively make use of the internet and technology. Students are encouraged to make use of the educational resources offered including a variety of databases, journals, magazines, trade publications and books. Marbella University administration also assists students in their applications for student visas as well as student permits.


Marbella University

Schellhammer Business School
Centro Comercial Vasari-Alzambra, 1
29660 Nueva Andalucía Marbella

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