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Welcome to Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), a comprehensive national key university founded in 1924 by Dr Sun Yat-sen, a revolutionary leader of the 20th century. With a teaching tradition spanning over a century, SYSU is located in Guangdong Province, an area neighboring Hong Kong and Macao, which is at the forefront of China's reform and opening up.

SYSU has four campuses in two beautiful cities: Guangzhou, the city of mountain and river, and the coastal city of Zhuhai. Since its founding, the University has followed the motto: “Study extensively; Enquire accurately; Reflect carefully; Discriminate clearly; Practice earnestly.”

SYSU has educated many students who are committed to rejuvenating China and serving society. Today, SYSU has become a hub for cultivating talent, a center for knowledge and technological innovation, a pillar for serving society, and a base for cultural inheritance. SYSU strives to become a world-class university.

Guangzhou South Campus
The Guangzhou South Campus is the main campus, with a total area of 1.208 square kilometers. The campus is divided from east to west into three regions of student dormitories and recreational facilities, teaching and research blocks and staff quarters. The campus grounds are also quite unique in its magnificent and historic foliage. 

Guangzhou North Campus
The Guangzhou north campus is located in downtown Guangzhou city and covers an area of 0.203 square kilometers. The campus is divided into teaching and research area, student area and faculty and staff area (Zhusi Village). It is a campus mainly for disciplines in medical sciences.

Zhuhai Campus
The Zhuhai campus covers an area of 3.571 square kilometers and is divided into two neighborhoods: Li Garden and Rong Garden. It lies against the seaside hills, with captivating views of the sea. In order to continue to improve educational quality, Zhuhai campus emphasizes new, emerging subjects and joint education with foreign universities as well as universities in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Guangzhou East Campus
The Guangzhou East Campus is located at the University City (Higher Education Mega Center) in the east part of Guangzhou city and covers an area of 0.989 square kilometers. The Guangzhou University City is a major development made by the People's Government of Guangdong Province in an effort to strengthen Guangdong through science and education. The first batch of students started school there in September, 2004. The east campus emphasizes applied sciences.


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