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Recognized for high-quality education in business, hospitality & tourism, Tio’s bachelor programs and Master of Business Administration will prepare you for a career in the hospitality, business and tourism industry. Tio offers students a unique opportunity: education in a small-scale environment, with personalized attention.

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Tio is one of the most prestigious universities of applied sciences in The Netherlands. Satisfied students and quality are the key. Tio is home to the best hotel school, best tourism bachelor course, best marketing bachelor course and the best business bachelor course according to the students (research by the Higher Education Guide). Tio received a NVAO re-accreditation according to the new criteria for all bachelor programs. The NVAO is an independent accreditation organization tasked with providing an expert and objective assessment of the quality of higher education.

Small-scale and personal

As a private educational institution, Tio is able to invest more in the quality of education than government-funded educational institutions. When assessed in the past academic year, the average number of students, was 10 per classroom. This results in lecturers being able to give you a great deal of personal attention.

The Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) gave Tio the special “Small-scale and intensive education” hallmark.

Accelerated learning

Tio’s personal approach facilitates accelerated learning. The study program is intense and contains many contact hours. This allows you to obtain a bachelor’s degree in just 3 years or an Associate degree in just 2. 

Private education

Tio is a private educational institution and is therefore able to offer small-scale and high-quality education with challenging curricula and appealing projects. Making it a great place for Dutch and international students to study. 

A career in the world’s largest industries

Opting for Tio is a choice for a career in the world’s largest industries. Tio graduates are very welcome in many sectors due to their understanding of how to provide a high level of service, their excellent communicational skills and their hands-on mentality. Approximately half of the graduates now hold positions in a sector outside the main focus of the Tio study course.


Tio University of Applied Sciences is a national organization spread out over five locations. This gives you the benefits of a small scale and personal approach as well as the solid foundation a national organization provides. The locations are all easily accessible by public transportation. Regardless of which city you choose, the nearest train station will never be more than a ten minute walk. The English programs are available at our locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht. The business management programme is also available in Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Hengelo and Groningen. The MBA-programma is available in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Groningen.  


Tio - University of Applied Sciences for Hospitality, Business and Tourism is in the Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad

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“I felt at home at Tio and loved its small scale. I also enjoyed the fact that our lecturers had practical experience. That was very educational. I can put everything I learned into practice now at trip.me. Tio taught me to understand tourism and how the travel industry works.”


“The Tio’s spirit helped me to get where I am today. This spirit prepares you really well for the transition to the professional world. You know from day one that you will get a job after you graduate. The dynamic environment, with its guest lectures and lecturers with practical experience, definitely contributes to that. Because the lecturers s...

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“I love exploring the world and now I can, thanks to Tio. The international aspect of the bachelor International Tourism Management was the most important reason for me to choose this programme. On top of that, the small scale and the personal aspect of Tio spoke to me. I want to turn travelling into my job, and thanks to Tio, that dream is beco...

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Tio - University of Applied Sciences for Hospitality, Business and Tourism


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