University of Macerata

University of Macerata

The University of Macerata (UniMC) was founded in 1290 and is one of the oldest universities in Europe. Over the years thousands of UniMC graduates have become distinguished professionals, entrepreneurs, leading public figures, educators, researchers: without any doubt, a bit of Italian, European and international history has been built by the alumni of UniMC.
This glorious past is projected into the future and UniMC is strongly committed to innovation both in teaching and research: the focus on the humanities and social sciences HSS is UniMC’s main strength, and “innovating through the humanities” is its motto. The University offers graduate and post graduate and PhD programmes in Law, Political Science and International Relations, Economics and Business, Education, Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Communication, Languages, Philosophy, and History.


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The International Tourism and Destination Management is an excellent language course. All the lessons are very interesting and are held in the English language. The teachers have high language skills and great knowledge, so they are very competent in teaching the matter. They are also always available for some clarifications or explanations.

Serena Amico

I chose this course hoping to have not only to acquire broad knowledge about international environment and politics but also to have the basis for starting an international carrer. I definetely recommend this course since I found every subject I attended way interesting and stimulating not only in terms of topics but also thansk to the professio...

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Brunilda Elezi

I have had a great experience in the University of Macerata during my Masters course. The professors of GPR are the most qualified staff I have ever found in terms of education and I feel lucky to have been enrolled in this course. It gave me so many opportunities and prospective for the future.


University of Macerata

Via Crescimbeni, 30/32
62100 Macerata

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