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The University of Salerno (“UNISA”)is ideally linked to the oldest academic institution in the Old Continent: the Schola Medica Salernitana. Founded in the eighth century AD, the School reached its peak between the 10th and 13th century.

In addition to medicine, its lectures included philosophy, theology and law. The School, which earned Salerno the title of Hippocratica Civitas (City of Hippocrates) after the famous Greek physician and treatise writer, was closed by royal decree in 1811 under Joachim Murat’s Napoleonic government.

In 1944, by decree of king Victor Emmanuel III, the Istituto Universitario di Magistero “Giovanni Cuomo” was founded. This became state-owned in 1968, changing its name into Facoltà di Magistero dell’Università degli Studi di Salerno.

Within a few years, the Faculty was joined by many others, which contributed to the formation of a major university. The Faculty of Arts was established in 1969. This was followed by the Faculty of Economics (1970); the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, and the Faculty of Law (1972); the Full Degree in Engineering (1983); the Faculty of Pharmacy (1991); the Faculty of Political Science (1992); the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature (1996); finally, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (2006).

As of 1987, the University is located in the town of Fisciano, a few kilometers from Salerno, at the junction of motorway intersections that make it central and easy to reach. The university is a very large compound in continuous expansion, covering around 100,000 square metres. Organized in the form of a campus (comprising the campuses of Fisciano and Baronissi), the university is equipped with residence halls for students and teachers, and boasts modern facilities and efficient services for orientation, teaching, studying and leisure activities. It currently counts about 40,000 students from Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Apulia.


Since 2009, the Fisciano campus has beenequipped with a complex of highly efficient residence halls for students and faculty.

An important result in terms of urban and social planning, the Fisciano residences count 780 beds. They are made up of one-room flats and ready-furnished mini-apartments, all equipped with air conditioning, kitchenette, telephone, internet connection, satellite TV input.

Accommodation comprises additional services (reception rooms, study rooms, meeting rooms, a breakfast room, lounges, automatic laundries, cafés, a projection room, a gym). Most of the one-room flats are reserved for "fuori sede" students (i.e. students residing outside the metropolitan area of Salerno) who have been awarded accommodation. Occupancy lasts at least 10 months.

Mini-apartments and one-room flats which are not reserved for fuori sede students are given to other guests for a fee according to A.DI.S.U. regulations.

Some housing units are specially equipped for students with disabilities; others are intended for foreign students and teachers for the purpose of fostering internationalization.

Another complex was built in Sava (Baronissi) with A.DI.S.U. funds. This has three floors and hosts 86 beds, 10 of which for people with disabilities. The complex of residence halls run by A.DI.S.U also includes the recovery and consolidation of Palazzo Barra in Lancusi (Fisciano), approximately 1km from the Baronissi campus. The building has 21 mini apartments for a total of 24 beds, 2 of which for disabled people.


University of Salerno

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