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Salerno campusSalerno librarySalerno studentsOne of Europe's oldest and most dynamic universities! 

The University of Salerno, together with Paris and Bologna, is one of the oldest universities in Europe. The Salerno School of Medicine was founded in the 8th century and was the principal institution in Europe for the study of medicine.

Today, the University of Salerno is one of the largest the best performing University in Southern Italy in 2014 according to both Ministry evaluations and Independent (Il Sole 24 Ore) rankings. The presence of multimedia facilities, halls of residence, a modern library, as well as places to meet and eat, and green spaces make it an excellent university college and a pleasant place to study.

The campus of the University of Salerno offers a number of top quality services for students, such as on-site student accommodation, sports facilities, cafeteria and refreshment points with student privileged access and high-quality food at affordable prices. Many social initiatives are also available on the campus such as a theater and drama, cine-forum, several music bands, and sports activities and tournaments.

The University of Salerno is a State Funded University. Fees are dependent on the income of the student's family. For foreign students, the fees are generally below €1000 per year and can be as low as €500 for students from some countries. A number of grants, including fees waiving, meal programs and free housing are available for students from all over the World.

The main campus of the University of Salerno is located 8 km from Salerno city center and several UNESCO world heritage sites can be easily reached from the campus, such as:

  • The beautiful Amalfi Coast (20 km), the city of Salerno is its gateway
  • The relaxing Cilento National Park (60 km), the cradle of the Mediterranean
  • The inspiring archeological site of Paestum (50 km) with exceptionally well preserved ancient Greek Temples
  • The amazing archeological site of Pompei (40 km), the roman town buried in AD 79 by a Vesuvius Eruption


University of Salerno

Via Ponte Don Melillo
84084 Fisciano


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